Davis Clarke, Sam Aslam and Paul Glaubitz left Melbourne on November 27 to embark on the first stage of their trip to SE Asia. They initially had some downtime touring Vietnam before heading to Cambodia for a 1000km / 10 day bike ride to raise funds for the community learning centre in Mkak Village, Cambodia.

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Their departure from Mkak Village was marked with a ceremony attended by the villagers and school children. The trip culminated on December 25 at Angkor Wat temples with a welcoming ceremony. This was attended by approximately 200 students, teachers and villagers from Mkak Village.

The Angkor temples play an integral role in the heritage and culture of the Khmers. It is the seat of their once powerful civilisation and this is the first time the students, teachers and villagers have visited this sacred place. 

In total $9664 was raised through the bike ride. Below you can find details on how to donate to this great initiative as well as read about the inspiration behind Davis, Sam and Paul's desire to help the children and their families at Mkak Village.

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Trak To Mkak


In January 2011, we travelled to Mkak, a rural village in Cambodia, on a school trip where we taught English and helped to build a classroom at the local primary school. Our time spent at Mkak, particularly the time spent with the children, had a very inspiring effect which further motivated us to give something back to those less fortunate.

Soon after arriving back in Melbourne we discovered Humanitus: an organisation that works with Mkak and a number of other communities in SE Asia. Keen to get involved and with the support of Humanitus, we are going to ride 1000km through Cambodia with the intention of raising $10,000. This will launch a Community Learning Centre in Mkak village, which will include a health program, books, a food bank and more (further information listed below).

If you feel you could support us in achieving our goal, primarily we are seeking corporate sponsorship; however any donations would be appreciated.

One off donations can be paid to:
Account Name: Humanitus Foundation Inc
Bank: National Australia Bank
Branch: Elsternwick VIC 3185
BSB: 083-231
Account Number: 15-896-7828

If you have any information regarding potential corporate sponsorship or any further questions please contact Sam at admin@humanitus.org

100% of proceeds will go towards our cause.

The Community Health Centre
We will be donating 100% of money raised towards a joint rural development project between the Humanitus Foundation and their Cambodian working partner, Bright Children Organisation. The $10,000 goal will be spent on a number of smaller projects including;

Outfitting the Building
Currently there is a building that has been made available for the community health centre however it is very run down and will need a lot of reconstruction work. Estimated cost: $3,000

Health Program
This program is primarily about outfitting the health care facility which health professionals (i.e. nurses, dentists and doctors) can use during planned routine visits to Mkak. The money will go towards buying required equipment and paying for the services of health care professionals. Estimated cost: $3,000

Medical Supplies
In Mkak it is very rare for people to have access to antibiotics, pain killers, bandaids or any basic medical supplies. Storing these in the community centre will mean there will be immediate help available. Estimated cost: $2,000

Initial Health Checks
There is a huge problem with parasitic infections in Mkak, with most children and their families having intestinal worms. This is greatly impacting the childrens health and focus at school and is a problem requiring immediate attention. We hope to provide de-worming medication for the entire community as well as vitamin and mineral supplements. Estimated cost: $2,000

A message from Sam ...

Davis and I were first exposed to the developing world in early 2011 on the World Challenge school trip. The trip involved a community phase where the group assisted in building class rooms and taught English at the school in Mkak village. To see how much the children made from such little was truly inspiring, such that upon returning to Australia it was impossible to just fall back into everyday life. We were keen to try and do more to make a positive contribution and were delighted when we found that there was a Melbourne based organisation that supported Mkak village.

The life that we experienced in Cambodia greatly influenced our perception of what we have and what we can do to help. The experience at Mkak village brought us smiles everyday spent with the kids and a teary goodbye when we had to leave. Through the bike ride, we aim to help raise funds towards a community centre being built there. We are looking forward to helping Humanitus with fundraising and also very excited about returning to the village for the bike ride later this year.