Dentists visit Pichey Rangsey School

IMG 0467

30 dentists from San Francisco and some from Australia treated 220 children during a one day visit.

Most procedures involved tooth extractions, in some cases two extractions, and the majority of students had never seen a dentist before.

School desks were converted into operating tables and the only children who showed any concern were the kindergarten children and then only before treatment began. The rest of the students were incredibly well behaved and trusting. Some had double extractions The head of the dental team, together with many of the dentists, remarked on how exceptional the children were. They praised them in glowing terms, having not seen many  children like this before - and they treat 1000's every year. They left to do 2000 treatments in other parts of Cambodia and then they were going to Mongolia before South America. They will return for the next 2 years to treat the same patients again.

Please visit this link to view all of the photos

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